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Succession Planning
The purpose of Succession Planning is to ensure leadership continuity and the sustainability of an enterprise. If done well, it also improves the organization’s overall talent pool, reduces hiring costs, cuts downtime, and reduces the opportunity cost associated with the wrong person being promoted into critical roles resulting in missed opportunities, productivity declines, and excessive turnover.
Teaching Pros
The Teaching Pros program is designed to grow an organization's internal coaching capabilities. Paul Seymour Ph.D., a partner at Work Effects, has been teaching individuals to be effective coaches at CCL since 1984. Utilizing his insights we have initial training curriculum and ongoing support solutions to create highly quality coaches throughout your organization. The Teaching Pros program reduces your reliance on external coaching while also providing leaders with coaches that are more fully understanding of the contextual realities of their environment.
Dilemma Based Leadership
Using organizational, interpersonal, and personal dilemmas, this intensive leadership program illustrates how leadership skills can be used to effectively reach thorough solutions. We guide leaders through challenges that have no right or wrong answer, yet still require a decision to be made, along with small group coaching to ensure collaboration and unified visions.
This four part ACES coaching regiment is used to assess transformational leaders to make long-term changes necessary to improve. Working one-on-on or in small groups, leader learn to become more self-aware, develop realistic goals, and utilize expert coaching to support them in meeting and sustaining their objectives. The ACES approach is designed to continuously Assess Challenge Engage Sustain the leader throughout their journey

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